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Copyright © 2016 Interacta Advisory SA
Copyright © 2016 Interacta Advisory SA


  • An effective management of federal and cantonal taxes can prove challenging as Swiss tax laws and regulations can change quickly. INTERACTA helps its clients understanding how to successfully respond to these changes.


  • Interacta Advisory can advise its clients on the options and advantages of relocating their private residence and/or their business to the Switzerland, or to others major financial and commercial hubs such as Singapore, Dubai, London and Monaco.
  • Interacta Advisory can provide for all relocation related activities, including all business and residency permits, negotiations with national and local authorities including tax offices.


  • Whether operating in Switzerland or around the world, clients should understand how changes in domestic and international tax laws and regulations might affect their life and their company. INTERACTA can offer an effective tax advice and planning that is tailored to each client’s personal wealth and business in order to adapt and respond quickly to these changes and therefore mitigating risks and helping them adding a competitive edge.


  • Wealthy private investors and families increasingly desire to be taken care of like institutional investors, on the basis of independent wealth advice. INTERACTA advises families and entrepreneurs on all business matters, including organization, governance and succession. INTERACTA supports wealthy private investors and families with tailor-made services, which can be used as separate modular blocks. The focus here is asset structuring with trusts, foundations and companies, tax and legal issues, succession and estate planning. INTERACTA supports clients in the setting up of single or multi family offices.


The global art market is, in contrast to the capital markets, neither regulated nor transparent and, as such, implies considerable risks even for sophisticated players. INTERACTA assists its clients in every aspect of buying, selling and managing works of art.

  • Research, analysis and valuation
  • Assistance and training
  • Preservation and logistics
  • Acquisitions and sales
  • Legal and tax consultancy
  • Creation and management of an art collection